Copic Multiliner SP Black

The Copic Multiliner SP is a waterproof, pigment based pen that you will never throw away. They're compatible with the Copic Markers, so you can use these to touch up that little blank spot where the stamp didn't quite ink the paper. Or you can use them to add more definition or shading to your image.

The tips are replaceable, and the ink is refillable. Each pen is made from durable aluminum. The Multiliner SP is available in 10 tip sizes, from 0.03 mm up to the Brush size.

Copic Multiliner SP

There are also refillable Copic Multiliner SP Color pens available, and non-refillable Copic Multiliner Pens available.

This black lies between the W10 and 110 Special Black shades of the Copic Markers.

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