Copic Sketch Markers

Looking for a great paper to use with your Copics? Try Neenah Classic Crest Solar White.

There are 358 unique colors of Copic Sketch Markers. So where do you begin?

Most people are attracted to the way these markers blend together. If that's you, get started by picking out the color you like to work with the most. Let's say you wind up using red in a lot of your projects, and you want to start with Cadmium Red.

Cadmium Red has the number "R27". To get colors that will blend well together, stick with the other colors that start with "R2", and go two or three numbers lower or higher for the last digit. For instance, three numbers lower than R27 is R24, and another two numbers lower than that is R22. So Cadmium Red, Prawn, and Light Prawn will blend nicely together.

So at first, just get those three colors and play around with them a bit. Learn how to blend with them. Once you've used them a while, you'll probably have lots of new ideas, and will want to try other color groups. Or maybe you'll want to try to blend five shades together instead of three. Or maybe you'll be ready to buy the air compressor :) !

One important note on the Colorless Blender. This is not what you use to blend your colors! Think of this instead as a color remover. This is great for adding highlights, like where the sun is glinting off of an object. The Colorless Blender is also great for touching up if you colored just a little bit further outside the line than you meant to!

Each Copic Sketch Marker has two nibs, one at each end. One nib is the chisel shaped "Medium Broad" end, and the other is the "Super Brush" end. The Super Brush is a soft, flexible, fast-flowing brush for delicate or bold expression. The Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush both in feel and color application. Use the Medium Broad nib for more control.

The nibs are replaceable. If yours is worn out, replacement nibs are available for both ends. There is only one other nib compatible with the Sketch, and that's the Medium Round nib. This nib is used mainly for writing (some people find it difficult to write with the Super Brush).

Sketch markers have an oval shape, so they won't just roll off of your work surface when you set them down.

These markers are refillable - you don't throw them away! Copic Various Ink refills are available in all the same colors as the Sketch markers. And if 346 colors aren't enough, you can also get an empty (uninked) Copic Sketch marker, and fill it with whatever color you can dream up!

Due to the way the distribution agreements are set up, we can only ship Copic items to the US and Canada. Further, we cannot ship to the Hawaiian island of O'ahu.

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