Flower Soft

Flower Soft is jars of colored sprinkles that allow you to create life-like miniature floral embellishments. Flower Soft is acid free, and is loved by card makers and scrapbookers alike. Flower Soft also makes fabulous realistic plants for dolls houses and model railroads too!

Using Flower Soft is incredibly easy. Just make sure you have the right kind of glue (a particularly tacky glue, like the Flower Soft glue). Dab some glue where you want the Flower Soft to stick, then sprinkle it on, and tap off the excess - you're done! You can make some amazing floral bouquets with the Flower Soft wires. Just apply glue to about 1/2" at the end of the wire, sprinkle the Flower Soft over the glue (rotating the wire to get it all coated), and you have one stem. Do 2 or 4 more, and you've got a bouquet!

Once you get the hang of it, try making some of your own color mixes. Flower Soft comes in 30ml clear plastic screw top containers.

Flower Soft Ultra Fine is much finer than original Flower Soft, which means it will give realistic dimension on much smaller images. Unlike flock or glitter, Ultra Fine is not affected by static, so it can be poured directly from the jar onto your project.

The Ultra Fine color range includes several colors purposely designed to create fur effects. Think toffee teddy bears and cute koalas. Flower Soft Ultra Fine comes in 20ml containers.

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