Glimmer Mist

Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels is a spray ink that allows you to get dazzling, glimmering effects on your projects. You can let Glimmer Mist air dry or use a heating tool to speed up the drying process. While Glimmer Mist is attractive when just using one color, layering multiple colors also adds a beautiful richness to your projects. Glimmer Mist comes in 2 oz bottles.

You can use Glimmer Mist on many surfaces:

  • Dries instantly on wood
  • Looks fabulous on chipboard and paper
  • Sticks to metal and glass
  • Pools on plastic to create a stained glass effect
  • Makes your stickers shimmer
  • "Pops" your fabric or paper flowers
  • Adds a gorgeous sheen to lace, ribbon, twill, and fabrics (will wash out!)

Some colors are special, limited edition colors. Once we sell out, they're gone!

You can get some basic tips from this video:

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