We carry various styles of glitter from Art Institute Glitter. This is Art Glitter, which means that it is acid free, comes in a dazzling range of shades, and is intended for art projects such as card making and scrapbooking. It is, however, also safe for wearing on skin (the regular glitter, NOT the glass or the Elements).

Ultrafine Transparent is a translucent glitter that is influenced by the underlying surface color. Ultrafine Opaque is a bright, jewel-toned glitter that completely covers the underlying surface color. Ultrafine Pearlescent has a soft, pastel "satiny" look, and possesses both opaque and transparent qualities.

Microfine glitter has smaller glitter pieces than the Ultrafine variety.

Elements Earth Textures isn't glitter at all, but you can use it for the same sorts of detailing. It is composed of various organic elements, so be aware that it is not acid free.

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