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Tim Holtz's Grungeboard is a flexible chipboard that you can stamp, paint, and spray to embellish your projects. Grungeboard comes with one of several dry embossed patterns (plain / unembossed is also available). The board has perforated pieces of different shapes that you can pop out, either before or after you decorate it.

There are two main things about Grungeboard to consider when you're buying - the shapes you get, and the dry embossed pattern.

There are a few different shape collections. Currently we carry Elements, Alphas, Digits and Punctuation, and Mixed Minis. We also carry Basics, which have no shapes - they're uncut sheets of Grungeboard.

Elements contains 94 shapes altogether, containing Crowns, Wings, Butterflies, Skulls, Arrows, Hinges, Cover Plates, Numbers, Swirls, Flourishes, Hearts, Stars, Keys and Keyholes. Alphas is 9 complete fonts of the letters A through Z. Digits and Punctuation is the numbers 0-9, ampersands, @ symbols, parenthesis, exclamation points, asterisks and more.

The available dry embossed background patterns are:

Mixed Minis are only available in Plain style. Click here for more information on Grungeboard Mixed Minis.

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