Spellbinders Accessories - S5 Spacer Plate

Spellbinders Accessories - S5 Spacer Plate
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For use with the Wizard and Xcalibur Die Cut Embossing systems. Measures 5 1/8" x 6 7/8".

This White S5 Spacer Plate is designed for use with the Spellbinders Embossing and Cutting Dies. NEVER lay a die face down into the White Spacer Plate when using the Wizard. Cutting into the Spacer Plate will ruin it.

One White Spacer Plate comes with the Wizard if purchased after February 12, 2005. If you purchased a Wizard before this date, you will need a White Spacer Plate to be able to use the S5 sized Spellbinders dies.

This is also the current solution for using Spellbinders Nestabilities and other dies in the Original Sizzix Machine. PLEASE NOTE however that you will need to cut or sand the plate for it to fit width-wise through the machine! Spellbinders is planning to change this plate in the future so that it works without modification, but it is currently just a bit too wide.

Cutting with Spellbinders Dies in the Sizzix Machine:

  1. Place the Sizzix System Converter into the Sizzix Machine.
  2. On the Cutting Pad, place paper to be cut, then Spellbinders die, ridges down.
  3. Place the modified (see above) Spellbinders S5 Spacer Plate (Item# W 017) over the Spellbinders die.
  4. Use a 12x6 piece of cardstock and trifold to use as a shim. Place shim on top of Spellbinders Spacer Plate.
  5. Push through Sizzix Machine to cut.

Note that it may take several presses to cut with larger Spellbinders dies.

This plate is removed before you perform the embossing step with the Sizzix.

Embossing with Spellbinders Dies in the Sizzix Machine:

  1. After cutting with the die in Sizzix Machine, remove paper shim and spacer plate.
  2. Leave the paper die cut in the die.
  3. Turn over Spellbinders die, placing it on Sizzix cut pad.
  4. Place Spellbinders Tan Embossing Mat on top of Spellbinders die.
  5. Place paper shim on top of Tan Embossing Mat.
  6. Push through Sizzix Machine to emboss the Spellbinders die.