Tim Holtz Fragments

Fragments (frâg-ments) - a small clear tile that can be used as an adornment by adhering patterned paper to, or inking, and gluing to scrapbook pages or hand made cards.

These clear Fragments can be altered by adhering your favorite scrapbook papers or photographs to the back. You can also colorize them with Alcohol Inks, stamp on them or even use rub-ons. Use them to embellish your scrapbooks, your cards, and other art projects. Start seeing your projects through clever Fragments you create.

First, choose your favorite scrapbook papers or photographs. Apply a thin amount of a clear drying adhesive to one side of the Fragment and place over your background. Let it dry and trim out the tile – simple! Or you can color them with Alcohol Inks and stamp on them or just add a little rub-on. Of course you can always use it as a clear Fragment to add a little shine.

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