Vintaj - Embellishment - 1.5" Eye Pins (Pack of 20)

Vintaj - Embellishment - 1.5" Eye Pins (Pack of 20)
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21 gauge eye pins.

Create necklaces, bracelets & earrings - or simply use as an attractive pin to attach embellishments and trinkets to your project.

The eye pin is the base element used to create bead links: The bead link is the base element for the old world art of linking. As essential is the bead to stringing, the bead-link is to linking.

To create a basic bead link: Step A: String the bead onto the non-looped end of the eye pin Step B: Hold the looped end of the eye pin and cut approximately 1/4" above the bead using the side cutters on the rosary pliers. Step C: Holding the bead onto the eye pin securely with your fingers, use the rosary pliers to grip the non-looped end of the eye pin. While still holding securely, pull the eye pin toward you, bending it into a 45-degree angle. Step D: Continue by turning the eye pin away from you (keeping the angle) until you've completed 1 full loop, tucking the end of the loop into the hole of the bead, keeping plenty of tension on the bead. Your bead should not turn freely on the eye pin.

Don't just stop there! Get creative... stamp, hammered, twist, bend, hang, link, layer, cluster, glue, alter, ink, paint and more to create all types of projects!